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Welcome to the Cultivate Store!
You are able to purchase a wide variety of perks, abilities, donor ranks, crate keys and more! Select the correct server type on the left side of the page to begin! After 5 years in operation, any and all support is appreciated. Thank you for playing Cultivate!

- You should receive your packages within 10 minutes of your order processing. If not, contact us either via Discord or via email!
- If you are purchasing for a friend, make sure that you are using the "Gift This Package" Option, and enter their Minecraft Username. If you have done this incorrectly, contact a Staff Member.
- If you have spent $100 USD in the store over time, you are eligible for a 10% Discount Code, which can be used as many times as you want! Contact a Staff Member for more information.
- If you need further assistance with the Webstore, you may use our Discord's ticketing system. If this is not an option, you can now email us at: support@cultivate.games

Cultivate has grown larger than anyone could have imagined. When this project was started in 2016, it was started as a small project with a few friends. As time went on, the server has surpassed everyone's expectations, and continues to grow as we welcome new players everyday. Donating is a simple way for users to ensure that the server is going to continue to exist for (hopefully), many years to come. A server of Cultivate's size takes an unimaginable amount of money to run, as indicated by our Monthly Goal. Donations help allocate time for new content creation and cover all existing/unforeseen costs for the server.

All payments are handled securely through PayPal and Stripe. Cultivate does not have any access to billing information! Any issue with transactions that have to do with processing should be directed towards these payment processors. The details required on a purchase are provided so that the server can accurately process the payment, and prevent fraudulent behavior. As covered in our terms and conditions, we do not accept or process refunds in any manner. In cases where something was accidentally purchased, in-game equivalents may be offered (Example: Buying access to a command twice).

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